10 things I love about Autumn

Hello October! Even though I’m a beach-loving, sun worshipping, Summer kinda gal, since living in Turkey I have definitely come to appreciate Autumn and all that it stands for. We never really get a proper Fall here, Summer just slowly melts into Winter and we go from being uncomfortably hot to freezing cold so around this time every year I fly home to get my fix of fall…

These are just a few of the things I love about Autumn;

  1. Starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate.
  2. The evenings get darker earlier which means staying in and snuggling up in cosy socks and soft blankets on the sofa with Autumn scented candles burning whilst watching X-factor.
  3. The scarves, hats and Uggs come out. Love getting bundled up and going for walks amongst the crisp fallen leaves.
  4. Halloween, trick or treaters, bonfire night, sparklers, fireworks & scary movies.
  5. Dark plum nail varnish colors all day erry’day, bye bye coral!
  6. Baths! Long, hot soaks in the tub with all the Lush Halloween bath bombs.
  7. Comfort food…toad in the whole, roast dinners, shepherds pie & chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate…
  8. Open fires…the warmth, the smell, the crackling noise…
  9. The colors of Autumn…from buttery yellow to amber orange and burgundy red the leaves turn beautiful hues and it’s one of my favorite seasons to take photographs.
  10. It means that Christmas is just around the corner!

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