In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.

Unfortunately there are so many street dogs in Turkey that don’t have homes and since i’ve lived here I have become attached to more stray animals than I can count. This is Nelly, the sweetest dog you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. He is no spring chicken and a bit of a lone wolf, but he is sweet, and kind, good with cats and people and just wants a warm house and the love of an owner. Nelly arrived on a street corner outside the complex where I live about a year and a half ago. I don’t know where he came from but since we noticed this teddy bear curled up in a ball in a bush we’ve been trying our best to look after him. We bring him blankets in the Winter, feed him, make sure he has enough drinking water in the burning Turkish Summers, wrap him in our old clothes when he’s shaking with coldness and just stroke him when he needs some affection…. but he just really, really needs a loving forever home.

I wish we could give him that but as we already have a male dog, it’s just not possible. We have done everything we can to try and bring attention to Nelly’s situation but it’s very hard to home stray animals here as there are so many of them. If you are interested in providing Nelly with a forever home please contact me at:


This lovely girl looking for her forever home is Belle. Belle is a sweetheart….she’s full of energy, good with people and other animals, always bouncing around, has a great nature and would love nothing more than to have a family of her own. Can you offer this beautiful girl a home and show her what it’s like to be loved again and that she won’t spend the rest of her life on the street?

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