Duden Waterfalls in Antalya

The Duden Waterfalls, Düden Şelalesi in Turkish, are located around 12 kilometre outside of the city of Antalya. After checking out things we could do in Antalya and the surrounding area Duden Waterfalls was pretty close to the top of our list. We decided to dump our car and jump on a dolmus which we caught outside the Mark Antalya mall in the center of the city. It wasn’t the quickest journey and took a good 30 minutes of stopping and starting but it meant we didn’t have to fumbled around on Apple maps and worry about parking…

The falls, which are 20 metres high, are located inside a park where you’ll have to pay a small fee of 3 Turkish lira to enter. There are cafes selling refreshments, picnic areas and toilet facilities inside. My advice would be to go early. It seems to be a very popular place for groups of teenagers and their selfie sticks so to avoid having hordes of people in your photos, go as early as possible. We arrived at around 8.30am and that gave us plenty of time to explore and snap away before others arrived.

A natural cave has formed behind the falls and you can walk up some steps and inside to watch the cascades. After 8km the water from the falls forms a small creek, creating a magnificent spectacle as it cascades over the 40 metre high falez rock into the sea. It’s worth a visit but you only need a few hours there.

• 3 Turkish lira entrance fee
• Assessable by dolmus
• Refreshments available inside the park
• Taxi rank right outside the park
• Not advisable with pushchairs

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