Kaputas Beach, Turkey

Kaputaş Beach is one of my favorite beaches in Turkey and one of the most well known. Located 20 km from Kaş and 7km from Kalkan it’s definitely a must visit if you’re on holiday here…

I’d been wanting to visit it ever since I saw a photo on the internet years ago, so whilst we were staying in Fethiye we thought we’d hop in the car and drive there. We didn’t know exactly where it was and after some time we’d almost given up hope of finding it when all of a sudden – there it was in all it’s turquoise-y glory tucked away alongside the coastal road.

With a narrow gorge on one side and a gorgeous blue sea on the other it was a sight to behold. Sometimes when you have seen a place in pictures for so long, the real thing can be a let down but this was exactly as I imagined it….

To reach the beach you need to walk down 187 steps which isn’t too bad, it’s the walking back up that’s the difficult part!

The hike down is totally worth it, it was one of the best beaches i’ve ever swam at. The sea is quite deep and the waves, although not too high, have a strong current so take that into consideration if you have small children. The water is crystal clear and stunning – Definitely a must visit beach if you’re in the area.

How to get there:
Easily reached by Dolmuş from Kaş or Kalkan. You can drive but parking spaces at the top are very limited.

• 5 lira per bed
• 5 lira per umbrella
• Kiosk selling small selection of food & beverages
• Toilets
• Showers
• Changing rooms

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