Oliviera Resort in Turkey

The Oliviera Resort is located on Kalem Island in Dikilli in Izmir, Turkey. To get there you have to drive down a winding country road where you leave your car and catch a small boat over the bay to the Island, which just adds to the whole experience…

Once you arrive on the island, you’ll be greeted with warm smiles and hello’s. The hotel grounds are amazing, spacious and peaceful, you really feel at one with nature, especially as there are only 39 rooms so it never feels busy.

On one side of the island is the hotel’s beach (which is the best bit of the hotel) The water in that area is fantastic, crystal clear and one of the most beautiful turquoise coloured seas I have seen in Turkey. In some areas it actually resembles the Maldives. There are sunbeds, hammocks or cabanas where you can chill out and the spa is also located there if you want a relaxing massage from one of the balinese girls….

We swam all day and took late afternoon naps in the cabana only stopping to walk a few steps to have a lazy lunch.

They offer watersports and diving if you prefer to be more active but that’s about it, the island really is meant for you to chill out, relax and cleanse your soul before going back to the reality of every day life.

Dinner is served in a courtyard overlooking the neighbouring island, Garip Island just as the sun sets, making it so romantic. We had the fish with coconut sauce, which was the chef’s speciality. I wasn’t sure i’d made the right choice until I took my first bite, delicious.

Breakfast was also a pleasure to wake up to. We happily munched on fresh Turkish delicacies with our own private view over the Aegean Sea, does it get any better than this?

Overall we really enjoyed our one night stay at Oliviera. The wifi there is weak but you’ll find a better connection…it’s the perfect place for those wishing to switch off from every day life and i’ll definitely be back when I was to hide away on this beautiful secluded island.

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  • Ryan Reed Oliveira
    30 November 2016 at 21:47

    OLIVEIRA HOTE. Sure is in the fact that it’s the hotel’s name is my last name is cool


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