My week in Montenegro

I didn’t know much about Montenegro before I went. It was only after I was invited to spend a week there that I really started researching the country and even then nothing would prepare me for how beautiful Montenegro is and how much I would fall in love with it.

We were lucky to spend a week there at the beginning of September with the Montenegro Tourism Board. Our adventure started off in the capital city, Podgorica, where we spent a night before jumping in a car at 6am and heading off to the mountains to go rafting.

Exploring Western Blacksea, Turkey

Back in July we worked on a project with TC Bakka in the Western Black Sea area of Turkey. Over the course of a week we were going to visit Safranbolu, Amasra, Zonguldak, Ereğli and a couple of places along the way!

We landed at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul and met up with our tour guides, Kafka Tur, and the minibus which would become our second home over the next week. We met the rest of the team in Beşiktaş and after a delicious lunch of kebabs and katmer, we started the 5 hour drive up to the Black Sea region of Turkey and the first stop on our itinerary – Safranbolu in the Karabük Province.

A walk round Brighton, England

Brighton is a seaside resort on the south coast of England. It’s just down the road from where a lot of my family live so whenever i’m back I always try to spend a day there wandering round and shopping. (okay, mostly shopping)

The seaside town is well known for it’s pebble beach, it’s pier, it’s Pavilion, the British Airways i360 (which was our first stop) and my favourite area – The Lanes which is just the cutest shopping area of narrow, winding streets and a must visit when in Brighton!