Keukenhof, meaning kitchen garden, is located in Lisse, Holland. Open fromΒ mid-March to mid-May every year, Keukenhof is a magnificent springtime exhibition of Dutch bulbs, flowers and plants and is one of the World’sΒ largest flower gardens.

Having grown up and spent many years in Holland I have visited Keukenhof numerous times but this was the first time I had my camera in tow and could really appreciate it all…(I use to go with my cousins and spend the whole time running around causing havoc, as you do!) This year I dragged my mum along with me and we were very lucky to get such beautiful sunshine as April can be a bit hit and miss on the weather front. If you ever get the chance to visit Holland in Spring, do!

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  1. Definitely one of the most colorful places here in Holland! I love living so close to Keukenhof and the streets of Amsterdam are always filled with tulips from April – June.

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