Welcome to my Colourful World…

I’m Jennifer otherwise known as izkiz. I’m an instagrammer, travel photographer and content creator from the UK. 

Although I was born in England, I grew up in a town just outside of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I attended International schools which definitely shaped me into the person I am today. I had friends from all over the World and I learnt from a very early age about different cultures, religions and countries as there were so different nationalities in my class at school. I think that’s what sparked my love for all things travel.

I started this blog last year along side my Instagram account. It’s my little corner of the internet where I can show you behind the scenes of the photos I post on Instagram, write reviews about the hotels i’ve stayed in,  talk about the products i’m loving and post some of the zillions of photos I take on a daily basis. 

I’m a real girly girl that loves all things pink, dresses, make up and I spend far too much time buying skincare that I can’t afford but i’ll also be the first to cliff dive, climb a tree or roll around in mud. I love my dog like he’s my baby, going on long roadtrips, R’n’B, and scary movies. Most of the time I speak my own language which is a mixture of English, Dutch and Turkish and I believe that a good cup of tea can solve pretty much anything. The beach is my happy place, I am most content when i’m splashing around underwater or collecting shells on the shore. 

I share pictures from my travels on my Instagram and I’m also on TwitterFacebook  and Pinterest. If you’d like to connect, work with me or just say hello you can contact me at: hello@izkiz.net

My 3 most frequently asked questions:

What camera do you use?
I use a Nikon d750 and my iPhone most of the time as thats the one I always have with me! 

What do you edit your photos with?
Lightroom/Photoshop and my own app ‘izkiz Cam’ which is in the app store. 

What does izkiz mean?
Way back when I started instagram in June 2011 I wanted a short, catchy name. It’s very random but ‘iz’ comes from the first two letters of the city I lived in at the time (Izmir) and ‘Kiz’ meaning girl in Turkish. Voilà – izkiz was born!