Cave of Zeus

The Cave of Zeus is located in Güzelçamlı just outside of Kusadasi, and at the entrance of the gorgeous National Park. The cave is hidden from view because of all of the trees and bushes making it even more of a a secret, mystical place. The sparkling clear and deep water inside the cave is an absolutely stunning color. You can go swimming in it which i’ve done on many occasions but it’s absolutely freezing, making it a perfect place to escape the burning Turkish heat…there’s something quite eery about it when you’re there alone without the hordes of tourists, when you go deeper into the cave you half expect a monster to swim up and get you…

I have heard many different stories and myths about the cave but the most popular one seems to be, ”According to legend, when Zeus provoked and annoyed his brother Poseidon, he used to hide in this cave to rest. While Poseidon, Greek god of the sea, made the seas rise, Zeus hid from his bad temper and wrath in the calm waters of this cave” Today, when the sea is not very convenient to swim in due to the waves, the people come here to swim and recall the legend.

If you’re in the area it’s well worth a visit. Here are a few photos we took earlier this year when it was surprisingly quiet…..

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