In the mountains of Zonguldak, Turkey

This Summer we went on a 7 day trip to the Western Black Sea area of Turkey with TC Bakka. We started in Istanbul and then drove around 5 hours to the UNESCO town of Safranbolu. After spending a couple of days there we continued our journey to Amasra, Filyos and Zonguldak. We did a lot that week and explored so much but out of everything we did, the last day where we drove up a mountain to Gümeli in Zonguldak was by far my favourite thing!

I documented my day in the mountains on my iPhone as not only does shooting on it save me the hassle of carrying heavy camera equipment around, it’s also so much easier for me to edit the photos using apps on my phone and upload them straight away to Instagram. So here’s my day in iPhone pictures…

The only house for miles around and our new base for the day. One minute you could see the little house and the next minute the clouds had rolled in fast and it became completely invisible.

This was our toilet for the day. Admittedly it took some getting used to as it was just a hole in the ground with a bucket of water…but when nature calls, you don’t have much choice but to answer!

Our makeshift bathtub fridge which worked a charm at keeping the drinks chilled.

The fire where we cooked a delicious feast for lunch. Even though it was a very hot Summers day at the bottom of the mountain, it was remarkably chilly where we were so it was also nice to huddle round the fire for a bit of warmth.

We also made pots of piping hot tea…

Some of the locals and the beautiful mountain scenery….

I also met some other locals – the sweetest village ladies that lived up the mountain in the Summer time. They were sitting knitting and when asked if I could take their photo they happily posed for me. I thought this would be the perfect time to test my new iPhone 7 Plus out and use the portrait mode.

Here is a photo taken WITH portrait mode VS taken WITHOUT using portrait mode. This is the exact same photo (and edit) as the iPhone saves one with the portrait feature on and one with it off. The difference is amazing!

I love this feature of the iPhone 7 plus, as did the ladies when I showed them their photo. Here’s me trying to explain depth of field…

It was such an amazing day, I really enjoy getting to go off the beaten track and see other parts of Turkey that tourists don’t usually get to experience and I can’t wait to see more beauty of the Black Sea area in the future.

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